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October 2014- New roof and new siding on addition of home as well as replacement siding on existing portion of home. Our job is to specialize in what we do so that we can do it well. Our contractor was happy with our prices and our  work. We value every relationship and built on it for future and current escellence.

*There's no job too big or too small:

Call for our subcontractor rates & be amazed on the value for our prices

FALL 2014- Painted home completely different than original colors, including trim work-All exterior of home painted with vibrant up lifting colors.

*Out of the comfort zone and in to the color scheme of life!

    -Pleasant surprise by these BOLD choice of colors!

Working in Worcester, MA in September 2014 with a Contractor. We make our contracts easy to read following state guidelines to benefit our clients and contractors. We use simple language with detail information of everything we are doing. Here we did all roofing and all the metal/aluminum edges. One of our specialties is folding metals and we do it well.

*We finish when you are satisfied with our service.

August 2014 in Framingham, MA is the before, during and after of a re-roofing with the adding of the ridge vent on top. As always we walked the client through the process. Here at Pocon and Sons we let you know what to expect and give you the best possible customer service. If you have a question we answer it and if you ask for specific materials we attain those for you at the best possible price. This was a specialized roof and requested materials. The customer is always right and definitely satisfied.

*Our job is to make your house feel like a home... custom for your style!

Here are some of the pictures of before, during and after of the re-roofing we did in July 2014 in Ashland, MA. We communicated every step of the way with the owners and let them know what to expect and what to look forward to...  We let them know when to expect the supplies, the dumpster, the time frame for the work and when the dumpster would be picked up and followed-up with any concerns they may have had. We make sure that you understand what is happening so that you have no questions in the end or doubts. We want to maintain satisfied and happy customers at all times for future referrals.

We aim high and stay focus on customer satisfaction!